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The police districts

Denmark is divided into 12 police districts. In addition, Greenland and the Faroe Islands constitute independent police districts.

The structure of the police district
The structure of the 12 police districts in Denmark is practically identical.The Commissioner heads the organisation of the police district, followed by the Deputy Commissioner, a Senior Chief Prosecutor and an Assistant Commissioner. Below the Assistant Commissioner, three line managers, known as Chief Superintendents, are in charge of tactical support, the local police and specialised investigation. The three lines have units at several police stations within the district.

Tactical support
With regard to tactical support, the police will take care of, for example, emergency tasks, initial investigation, the control room, daily patrolling of the local area, road traffic tasks, police dog assignments and special events where the police are to render assistance. Investigation of a case is comprehensive and time consuming, police officers from the specialised investigation section may take it forward. Examples may include cases of serious assault, murder, organised crime, such as human trafficking, economic crime, major drug cases, and IT-related offences, such as hacking or the possession and dissemination of child pornography.

Local police
Local police is housed at police stations in different places of the police district. Police officers located there are involved in the same police tasks as at the main station, and citizens can go there during opening hours and report criminal offences, pick up lost property and obtain a copy of their own criminal record.

It is important that the police has a good knowledge of local matters and is aware of what goes on in individual towns and villages. That is the very reason why local and close cooperation with, for example, municipalities, schools, clubs and associations plays a vital role.

Apart from Copenhagen and the island of Bornholm, every police district is of a size that serves approximately 400,000 citizens. It has a total of 700-800 employees and is capable of performing most tasks without any help from other districts or from the National Police.

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